Website founded (bossgt-100guitarpatches.com)

First email received from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Removed the domain name: bossgt-100guitarpatches.com

The new domain name www.guitarsounds.be is active and working.

GT-100:  Changed extension from *.mid to *.tsl

GT-100:  74 English songs posted.

GT-100:  30 Dutch songs posted.

GT-100:  07 Instrumental songs posted.

email address has been changed to: gielen.tony1@telenet.be

GT-100:  1 Instrumental song added.

GT-100:  11 Dutch songs added.

GT-100:  All patches in all groups are now arranged in alphabetical order.

GT-100:  42 Dutch songs posted.

GT-100:  08 Instrumental songs posted.

GT-100:  162 English songs posted.

GT-100:  All patches are now arranged in alphabetical order.

Digitech Guitar multi-effect processor RP155 added.

Digitech Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal RP1000 added.

AMPLIFi 30 / 75 / 150 / TT / FX100 added.

Line6 AMPLIFi: 5 songs added (Line6 Cloud).

Digitech RP1000 removed.

Boss GT-001 added.

Boss GT-01 added.

Line6 AMPLIFi:  60 Englisch songs added (Line6 Cloud).

Line6 AMPLIFi:  13 Dutsch songs added (Line6 Cloud).

GT-100:  Bundle1 - The Wall (Roger Waters version) updated.

RP155:  Where The Streets Have No Name updated.

RP155:  Peter Gabriel / Solsbury Hill added.

RP155:  Pink Floyd / Comfortably Numb added.

GT-100:  Hank Marvin & The Shadows 20 songs added.

GT-100:  Brothers In Arms updated.

GT-100:  Money For Nothing updated.

GT-100:  Started on bundle 04.

GT-100:  Pink Floyd bundle added.

GT-100:  In each bundle, the patches are now listed by title in alphabetical order.

GT-100:  'I Want To Break Free' updated.

GT-1:  358 songs added.

GT-1:  Start working on bundle 05

GT-1:  Lookin Out My Back Door updated.

GT-1:  Money For Nothing updated.

GT-1:  Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress updated.

GT-1:  I Follow Rivers updated.

GT-100:  All U2-songs have been updated.

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